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About Me

My name’s Marcel Mercado, I’m an illustrator and concept artist.

I'm a storyteller

I want to make more than pretty images, I want to tell great stories.

I don't sleep much anymore. It's not a time-management issue, I just love to create imaginary worlds, and I don't want to spend anytime asleep.

From an early age I grew up looking at art. Comic books, newspaper strips, or the 16th Century Spanish town I frequented growing up. My first art class took place in the summers of that old city. From Middle to High school I attended a specialized art school. Learned art between the traditional liberal academic course. Although I skipped a lot of classes from my Sophomore year to Senior year (the beach is only a 10 minute walk!)

I acquired my Bachelor of Computer Arts in Florida. There I transitioned from the traditional media to a digital one. I learned to use 3d software as well as adobe programs like After Effects and Photoshop.

Took a job at a video game outsource house. Worked with big and small companies alike. Figuring out solutions and implementing ideas. Learned a great deal from companies like Gearbox, Nickelodeon, EA, 2k, and so many others.

My journey took me through unexpected alleys and amazing venues. I have been a painter, compositor, texture artist, art director, and concept artist. Today I find myself on a new path, a path of uncertainty and excitement. A path filled with the fear of losing, but also the courage of overcoming. Today I find myself a freelance illustrator. Which is why I can't get myself to sleep too much anymore, there's much left to do.

Honors & Publications

Chesley Award

Nominated, 2016

For Kobold Press' Southlands, "Demon Priestess"

Infected by Art

Vol 4, 2016

"Autumn Wind"

Imagine FX

June 2014



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Don't be shy! Follow me on Facebook to check out some of my interest, as well as some behind the scenes to what I'm currently working on. I also have an extensive library of work over at Behance, where you can check out some of my older stuff, as well as some of my game art, and other experimental things. You can also connect with me at LinkedIn and check out my resume as well as client testimonials. To reach me directly, please email me at